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IC Op-Amp Cookbook ebook

IC Op-Amp Cookbook by Walter G. Jung

IC Op-Amp Cookbook

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IC Op-Amp Cookbook Walter G. Jung ebook
ISBN: 0138896011,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Page: 130
Format: pdf

Language: English Released: 1986. The original circuit runs on 12 VDC, but since the A/D converter IC must be supplied with 5 VDC only I want to scale down the circuit, so that 5 V is the maximum voltage present. Op amps, a type of IC chip that is very cheap and easy to work with, are used exactly for that purpose. DROK AD827 Audio OP-amp Tone Control Circuit Dual AC 12-20V Treble/Alto/Bass Volume Adjust 10 Times $34.75 $12.99. The supply voltage is connected to the op amp to measure its level. Publisher: Prentice Hall Page Count: 130. I assume I would have to tweak some resistor values in order to make the circuit run at this lower supply . An appendix containing manufacturers' data sheets. This edition includes: Over 200 practical circuit applications. The calm waters of the fleet lagoon are internationally important for marine life and wildfowel. IC op-amp cookbook: ET Shop: Operational amplifiers. Solid and Drift geology map Link Opens in New. Apparently it's an offset nulling resistor array, described in The IC Op-amp Cookbook. Use a search engine to look up 'OP AMP COOKBOOK'. A circuit simulation to get a better understanding of how it works, maybe sweep the value of R354. This is an Op Amp IC Development Kit. GO IC Op-Amp Cookbook Author: Walter G. This book covers basic OP-AMP theory in excellent detail.